Tuesday, 3 April 2018

#IncredibleIndia With Alphabet C

India is incredible and it has so many places to visit and get mesmerized by its beauty. Today we will see the places whose names start from letter C.

We have so many cities whose names strat from C. But here you will find few of them. Coorg, cellular jail, Chittrakut, Cheerapunji.

Coorg is in Karnataka.It is famous for the teakwood and sandalwood forest. You can visit its coffee plantation. Those who love nature then they must go to Coorg. In Coorg, these are places which completes your visit,  Abbey falls, Golden Temple, Brahmagiri hills, Cauvery River, Talakaveri Temple, Iruppu falls. 

Cellular Jail This jail is also known as Kaala Pani which is in Andaman And Nichobar. This prision was in control of Britishers.

Chittrakoot This place is one of the holy places, where Lord Ram and Sita spent their 11 years of exile in Chittrakoot. It is in Madhya Pradesh, It was believed that Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman met Saint Tulsidas here. Few More places you can visit here are Ganesh Bagh, Ram Ghat.