Monday, 2 April 2018

#IncredibleIndia With Alphabet B

India is incredible and it has so many places to visit and get mesmerized by its beauty. Today we will see the places whose names start from letter B.

I will be happy to take you to Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Bhimtal, Bodhgaya, Bir Billing. You can plan out your vacation to any of these locations. 

Bengaluru: It is the capital of  Karnataka, and previously it was known as Bangalore. Bengaluru has also given many other names like "The City Of Gardens, Pensioner Paradise, and The Silicon Valley of India.  Bengaluru is famous for Lalbagh garden, Bangalore Palace, Tipu's Palace,  Venkattappa  Art Gallery which is one of the oldest art museum, Shiv Statue which is around 65 feet high, Nandi temple where the statue of Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva which is 4.6 m high and 6 m long.  

Bhubaneshwar: Bhubaneshwar is in Odisha. It has the beauty of architecture and ancient temples, therefore it is well known as  The city of temples. Out of all temples "The Lingaraja Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva", is one the oldest temple in the whole Bhubneshwar.