Saturday, 20 October 2018

Memory Box of Siblings. #SiblingStories

Siblings' love is the kind of love which is never measurable nor fades.  Let me turn back the pages of thick book of my life and pen down here few cherishable moments of my and my  brother. Its true when you turn back and search out the lovable moments, you will get emotional. Its all because that's your treasure and you have kept in your mind very safely. This treasure never get spoiled by the ups and downs of your life. You can name it a box of herbs which give you relief and makes you happy.

Life Of Siblings: A box of treasure filled with Memories.

I am the first child of my parents and enjoyed with them for 3 years. They had done all that I wanted and necessities  for my upbringing. I was quite happy but on other hand I was alone too. I always wish to play with someone with my toys . In some corner I need a companion with whom I can share my small books, food and toys. I was also too small but still have that feeling which tell me Bhawna you are missing a sibling. 

When I was 3+, my parents gifted me a small brother in my hands. It was the feeling of happiness and joy. My mother use to tell me that I was quite happy when she gave a small baby in my hands, I was quite caring and sitting with him for the whole day. My brother Ankur, was the gift which I prayed to God. We both enjoyed the days of our childhood as we did lots of things together, studying, playing, walking hand in hand and a companion in devilishness. 

Time passes and we both were growing and collecting  the memories of childhood. As I was the older one so I have to taught him and help him in studies and making his projects. On other hand Ankur was good in Badminton, so he taught me how to play badminton. We both were fan of Badminton, and we used to play till 11 O'clock in night. We both went to school together by cycle. Initially we both have one rain coat and we did so many deal on that rain coat who will wear it first. Once we both were coming from school and I fell down in mud and he went quickly to the near shop and brought three -four bottles of water and washed my skirt, shoes and my cycle.  He was caring and protecting, seems like my big brother.
I still remember, no worries about how many fights we did in the whole day but in night we always sleep together. It was like saying Sorry for the fight and lets friends  again. 

Some memorable moments of my and my brother which cherish my today and I kept these moments as my most valuable treasure of my life. 

This blog post is totally dedicated to Ila Varma,  as she is the host of  the blog train named #SiblingStories , in  collaboration with brand Ang Tatva. Well known bloggers from the blogging  world  have joined hands to participate in this blog train for #SiblingTalk  to share their memorable moments. I would Like to invite  Yogita Joshi to share her memorable moments.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Explore the Unseen - Fernweh #TheBlindList

"Life in front of you is far more important for you than the life behind you. "

In the world of technology, we are getting everything which makes our life easy and fast. But the only thing we are not getting is "Love", a feeling when you meet  relatives, loved ones and different people. To fulfill the need of love they search different means which makes them happy from heart, but it can't possible that getting happiness from materialist things. Here the question arise
Answer : All you need a ticket to travel, come out from your house, come out of your inner glued feelings...Just travel and meet new people, new place..In simple words Explore the world.

Travelling is a way to enhance your personality, enriching your experience, improves the way of looking the world. This all come when you make  #TheBlindList, a list of things which you have not explored before and not even planned for future. This kind of random list makes you happy, the reason behind it is, it comes from your heart.

#MyBlindDate #TheBlindList 

Now I am pouring my experience of having blind date with a person whom I met on internet and communicated only through the  means of chatting. The best part of my experience is goodness of person and inspiration from a person whom I met on internet and never had a talk on phone and never seen his picture. My #TheBlindList is a person and a place , both of them were unknown.
I met a boy on internet and on  a yahoo chat session around a decade ago, then we started chatting but in the initial we had promised that we never try to search our profile on social media, never ask phone number nor photo. On this promise we did chat and after a month we decided to meet. Two feelings were striking at the same moment excitement and insecurity. I had never seen that boy, never conversed via phone  and never visited to place where we decided to meet. Eventually, all went memorable and filled with happiness. We had a long talk and a good food at McDonald.  Around after two hours we went back to our houses.
This blind date which left a good footprints about a boy and his generosity. He was a goal oriented person and have special place for his family and have full respect for women. This was the experience of happiness of blind date at an unfamiliar  place.

#TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld

Visiting to new places is always a way to get harmony and pleasure of being the part of the nature's beauty. We all know Earth is so beautiful that we can't measure its beauty in words, the only thing is we can enjoy its beauty and observe the serenity.

I visited Banswara, a place in Rajasthan, when I went there then I came to know that it is also knows as Choti Kashi. This is the place where a well known dam exist "Mahi Dam" . It is so huge and that I completed 200 steps to see the other side of the dam.

Banswara is the place where you can find number of temples and a good amount of greenery. People of Banwara is quite simple and very much religious. The culture of Banswara has a touch of Gujarat's culture. Some of the places of Banswara are incredible like Tripura Sundari Temple, Madareshwar temple, Kagdi Pickup etc  This is one of the peaceful places I visited. In my list of visited places are Amritsar, Udaipur, Chittorgarh etc.

My Bucket List 
Urge of visiting more places of India is keep on increasing and I will randomly make plan to visit more places of India so that I can understand more people and more of our India practically. Kerala,  Arunachal Pradesh, Goa , Odisha and I must say I have to see whole of my country first. And then I also want to see Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Egypt, World largest fall Iguazu Falls, London, these are the few places which I have kept in my bucket. If I get a chance to fly outside India then I will sure see these places. Out of all these I want to see the merger of Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. 

Keep up your wings of dream because you are the one who can accomplish them. Enjoy the short span of life by meeting different people and places. Mother Earth is filled with amazing things and people living on it. Travelling helps you to understand yourself and boost up your courage and exploration power. The good vibes always makes you a better person and moreover a relaxed person.

You can also add your dream wings with the wings of  Lufthansa .  Amalgamation of wings will sure take you to the desired place with full comfort. And what about your views about the world? You can share your piece of words here : YesToTheWorld plus enjoy the video of Lufthansa